1. Camp Nothing Hill – Leposavic

This restaurant is located next to our Duty Free Shop in Camp Nothing Hill, in the northern part of Kosovo. Being the only restaurant in the camp, it plays an important role there. Most of the soldiers spend their free time in the restaurant, and our employees are there to make sure that their time is quality spent. The exceptional service makes the customers feel like home.

2. EULEX HQ – Pristina

This restaurant is one of the company’s jewels. Located in the HQ building of EULEX’s mission in Kosovo, it brings our company’s image to a different level. The customers there are slightly more demanding than in the military camps, but our service always meets and exceeds their expectations.

3. UNMIK HQ – Pristina

This is the company’s most recent project. The restaurant started operating as of 8 of January 2014 and is serving 400 internationals per day. Different kinds of international and national meals are offered per day and all our customer’s tastes are satisfied.