New Markets

The company is also active in the field of export of non alcoholic beverages and canned food. Contract are made with foreign companies that distribute bonded products to markets such as Ship Handlers, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Mining Camps, Oil Platforms, Military camps, etc.

Besides the Duty Free markets where German PX is already active, the company is also entering the domestic markets in Macedonia with distribution for several well know outdoor brands such as: Gerber, Silva, Salewa, Regata, Dare 2 Be, Sigg, Sea to Summit, Jack Wolfskin, Pro Feet, Niteize, Ocean Kayak etc... Besides the classical distribution we are also planning to create our own network of retail outdoor shops in Republic of Macedonia.

Finally the company’s most recent projects are in the field of the medicine. The company is operating a mobile hospital for internationals located in Kosovo as well as providing medicine staff to several organizations represented in Kosovo.